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Latest Examples

  • IIS URL Rewrite basic rewrite rules

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013

    URL Rewrite is built in IIS since IIS7, it helps to convert complex urls into easy to read urls, not only make it more readable for users but also search engine friendly. We will show you some basics about Rewrite rules.

  • Use jQuery to get Disqus comment count

    Thursday, December 05, 2013

    Disqus is a handy social commenting system, it`s a plugin that you can easily integrate with your own website or blog, besides the account of Disqus itself, it also supports the account From Facebook、 Twitter and Google+. We will show you how to get Disqus comment count using jQuery.

  • Check if ip is private

    Tuesday, December 03, 2013

    In many situations we need to check if ip is private, for security purposes when logging in to system you need to make sure the computer logging in is in local area network(lan), or using Google Analytics you need to exclude the ip comes from lan.

  • Build your own mysql utility

    Saturday, November 30, 2013

    When you`re developing a website, database access is very important, in order to finish your job quickly, you need to have the right tool to boost your work, in here we will show you how to create a simple database utility class, allows you to perform a variety of queries.

  • How to generate static html pages and redirect them with urlrewrite

    Saturday, November 30, 2013

    Even though most of people are using database and programming languages to structure their websites, but often website performance is limited by the cpu and memory usage of the virtual host, people are intend to create static html file to reduce cpu usage, but static html file are hard to maintain, so what`s the best way to keep the exsiting file structure but also create static html to increase the performance? We will show you how.

Popular Examples

  • jQuery getJSON

    jQuery getJSON, getJSON() is equivalent to a Ajax function with 'json' datatype, which can load JSON format data from server...

  • jQuery Flot time series chart

    To make a time series line chart is simple, you need to use javascript timestamps, javascript timestamps is represented as milliseconds...

  • jQuery Flot Pie chart

    Flot Pie Chart, is a circular chart divided into sectors, shows proportion, pie is used to show browser type, user language comparisons...

  • jQuery Basics

    Before you go any further, there`s something about jQuery you need to know first. Dollar Sign ($) and Document Ready and id selector(#id)

  • jQuery Cross Domain AJAX

    jQuery Cross Domain Ajax, to perform a cross domain request, you need to use method Ajax() with dataType 'jsonp'...